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Yi Jia (One Family in Mandarin) 壹家, located along Upper Thomson Road, gives you a walk down memory lane serving you freshly baked bread and cakes daily.  It is one of the few traditional bakeries in Singapore offering both traditional white bread as well as more fashionable Taiwanese-style creations.


Here, the dough-making process has one extra step compared to modern bakeries resulting in pillowy bread that most Singaporeans missed these days!  The traditional flavour of every product is additive-free, quality-assured and handmade by our bakers using the finest and fresh ingredients leaving you coming back for more! 


Nothing beats our toast Hua Bao (Flower-Loaf), spread with our rich house-made kaya and a must-try of our unique Milk Bread.  Our mini buns are also a hot favourite among the kids.


The café soothing ambience also provides a good place to chill out over a cup of our freshly brewed coffee which is sure to revitalize your senses. 


Enjoy your bread and drinks on no-frills red plastic chairs.


Yi Jia Bakery House Café - It’s Traditional.


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